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UKanQuit Honors Tobacco Treatment Champions

UKan Quit Awards 2021

November 26, 2021

UKanQuit, a bedside tobacco cessation program at The University of Kansas Health System, supports inpatient smokers in their journey to become tobacco-free. Each year, the program recognizes care providers of The University of Kansas Health System and the cancer center for their commitment to tobacco cessation and the health of our patients.

Congratulations to the following individuals who were named UKanQuit 2021 Tobacco Treatment Champions: Karin Denis-Collar, LSCSW, LCSW, psychosocial services director for Masonic Cancer Alliance; Chrissy Duncan, DO, psychiatrist in the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences department; Lurena Shaw, RN, admitting nurse in the Cardiothoracic Progressive Care unit; and Michaela Clark, RN, admitting nurse for multiple departments.

In addition, the following nurses received commendation letters for the number of patients they have referred to UKanQuit for tobacco treatment consultations in the last year:

  • TJ Shreiner, RN
  • LaDonna Bowles, RN
  • Aleyamma (Alice) Mathew, RN
  • Greg Stremel, RN
  • Kasie Victorine, RN

About UKanQuit

Research shows that hospital-based tobacco cessation is effective. Hospitals can encourage and support their patients to quit the use of tobacco. Counseling that begins in the hospital and continues for at least one month after discharge can increase the odds of quitting by 37 percent. Since the formation of the program in 2007, UKanQuit has treated 21,328 individuals, and more than 2,000 subsequently enrolled in a clinical trial. In the last year, UKanQuit counselors have treated 2,098 patients, many of them virtually due to COVID-19 protocol. At one month, 32% of participants were still tobacco-free. UKanQuit also screens all the individuals they treat for eligibility to receive low-dose CT lung cancer screening. Last year, UKanQuit referred 74 people for screening. Research shows that low-dose CT scanning is the most successful at detecting lung cancer in individuals at risk. 

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