More than Meets the Eye

Cancer survivor and mother, Maja Freeman, stays strong with style, thanks to Missys’ Boutique

Maja FreemanMaja Freeman overcame cancer once, and is fighting it for a second time. But this time she has a spirited and stylish supporter to help her deal with some of the physical realities of her disease – Missys’ Boutique at The University of Kansas Cancer Center.

Missys’ Boutique is an accredited cancer appearance center that helps patients overcome the physical and emotional challenges of cancer treatment. Missys’ assists patients and survivors throughout the region by restoring their dignity, building their self-confidence and reclaiming their self-image.

Maja, 36, has gone through several rounds of chemotherapy as she receives treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma at The University of Kansas Cancer Center. She has suffered hair loss as a result. While Maja said her hair loss didn’t concern her, it did upset her young daughter.

“As my treatments wore on, my daughter hated how people looked at me when we were out in public. She didn’t want people staring at me,” said Maja, who lives with her family in Olathe.

Creating a mother-daughter moment

Although Maja said she hadn’t considered wearing a wig, she made the decision to do so because it was important to her 5-year-old daughter. When she scheduled her wig fitting at Missys’ Boutique, she explained that it was her daughter’s idea to visit the appearance center and that the little one would accompany her.

“The Missys’ staff went above and beyond to make it an experience for my daughter, too,” Maja said. “I was just the model. They created a special spot for her as I tried on wigs, and they humored her with all of the hair colors as they worked to find something we both liked. I was so impressed with how they interacted with my daughter. It was a terrific opportunity they made enjoyable for the two of us.”

Staying strong with style

In addition to wigs, Missys’ offers breast forms, postsurgery bras and camisoles, along with turbans, caps, hats, scarves, cancer awareness jewelry, skin care products and accessories. Certified fitters assist with breast forms and bras, and a licensed cosmetologist helps with wig selection and fitting.

Maja, who is recovering following a stem cell transplant in June, said she continues to be inspired by the kindness and compassion from her cancer center care team, including the staff at Missys’ Boutique.

“We could not have imagined the level of kindness and selflessness that people showed us,” Maja said. “It’s really helped us stay strong.”

As with all treatments, individual patient results vary. It is important to discuss your treatment options with your healthcare provider.