National Cancer Institute designation awarded to The University of Kansas Cancer Center

After nearly a decade of ongoing preparation, The University of Kansas Cancer Center has earned prestigious designation as a National Cancer Institute (NCI) cancer center.

NCI Designation

“We are extremely proud of what this designation means – and what it will mean to the people of Kansas and our region who deserve this level of care,” said Roy Jensen, MD, director of the cancer center. “The University of Kansas Cancer Center has now been recognized for having one of the best cancer centers in the country.”

The cancer center is now part of an elite club – just 67 cancer centers throughout the United States are NCI designated.

This process of applying for NCI designation has already had a significant impact on the cancer center’s research efforts. Examples include:

  • 17 researchers recruited in past four years
  • New and renovated space, including the 82,000 square foot KU Clinical Research Center and the 170,000 square foot Kansas Masonic Cancer Research Institute
  • New areas of expertise and new departments, including cancer research experts in translational research, clinical trials, basic science, prevention and control, and establishing the KU Medical Center’s Cancer Biology Department
  • Collaborations, including the Stowers Institute, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, NCI, and Midwest Cancer Alliance
  • More than $100 million in funding from KU Endowment, $53 million from the Kansas Bioscience Authority, $28 million from the State of Kansas, $38 million from the University of Kansas, $5 million per year from the Johnson Country Education and research tax, and $2 million per year from The University of Kansas Hospital.

NCI designation will allow the cancer center to continue recruiting top researchers, apply for federal funding, and open more clinical trials only available to NCI designated centers. The cancer center will also be able to expand benefits to members of the Midwest Cancer Alliance, build new business opportunities and provide even better care to cancer patients.

“We look forward to working with our regional partners to enhance the quality and delivery of cancer care at every level,” said Dr. Jensen. “Thank you to all university and hospital staff, donors, legislators, and our community for the phenomenal outpouring of support toward this effort.”

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