Academic Medicine

The power of care

The power of academic medicine is at work at The University of Kansas Cancer Center. Here, teams of specialized physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals provide the most advanced, innovative care to patients with complex conditions. It’s a place for exciting discoveries, life-changing treatments and world-class patient care.

Fighting cancer with innovative treatments and clinical trials 
Researchers at The University of Kansas Cancer Center are discovering new ways to use a patient’sown immune system to fight cancer. We are the first cancer center in the world to offer this immunotherapy trial to diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL), which allows a patient's own immune system to fight cancer. 

Treating brain tumors with brachytherapy 
The University of Kansas Hospital offers a form of radiation therapy for brain tumors. In this procedure, radioactive seeds are placed directly into or around the tumors while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue.

Advanced surgical treatment for lung cancer 
Cardiothoracic surgeons at The University of Kansas Hospital are among the first in the country – and among a few in the world – with the expertise to remove lung cancer through a single 2-inch incision.

3D technology improves neurological care 
The University of Kansas Hospital uses 3D models to create safer pathways and better outcomes for patients with neurological disorders, including brain tumors.

Managing heart health for cancer patients  
The University of Kansas Hospital offers the region’s first cardio-oncology program. Our cardiologists, cancer specialists and other healthcare professionals work together to improve cardiovascular outcomes for patients receiving cancer treatment.

Region’s only NCI-designated Cancer Center 
National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Centers lead this country’s effort to cure cancer. The University of Kansas Cancer Center is among a select few in the country, and the region’s only, to hold this designation. The cancer center serves the needs of the community by excelling in research and treatment, as well as giving patients greater access to leading-edge options and the most promising discoveries. Read more about how 25 percent more patients survive at NCI-Cancer Centers.

Always Advancing

We continue to elevate the quality of care we provide. We also continue to strengthen our ability to serve as a destination for cancer patients from across the country and a trusted resource for other care providers.

  • Nationally recognized care – For the 10th year in a row,  US News & World Report  has ranked The University of Kansas Hospital among the nation's best hospitals. In fact, we are among a select few in the country to be ranked in 12 medical and surgical specialties.