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How to Join a Clinical Trial

Doctor and patient.

By taking part in a clinical trial, you have access to potentially effective treatments not available elsewhere. Additionally, you will contribute to cancer research, which can help other cancer patients in the future.

Who can join?

Each clinical trial has its own set of rules that determines who may participate. Physicians follow these guidelines when deciding who can enroll. There is also a limit to the number of participants for each trial. Criteria may include your:

  • Caner type and stage
  • Age and gender
  • Medical test results
  • Current medications
  • Other health problems
  • Other treatments you may have had
  • Length of time since your last treatment

Deciding to take part in a clinical trial

As the patient, it is your decision whether to participate in a clinical trial. We’re here to help you decide if a clinical trial is right for you or your family member. For more information about a clinical trial or to inquire about whether you qualify, please call 913-588-3671 or email You can also explore trials using The University of Kansas Cancer Center's Clinical Trial Finder app. This app helps individuals find active clinical trials and assists physicians in referring patients to relevant ongoing trials for their treatment. The Clinical Trial Finder app is available for download on both Android and Apple devices.

Ask about our clinical trials.

Clinical trials can help you learn more about your options. Search clinical trials available at our cancer center. Call 913-588-3671 or email

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