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Media Inquiries

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Thank you for your interest in The University of Kansas Cancer Center. Whether you need a photo, interview, data or other information, we will do our best to help fulfill your request. Here you will find contacts, news releases, brand standards and more. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know.


Our communications team is available to assist members of the media and other organizations in gathering information from The University of Kansas Cancer Center. Please contact us first for all inquiries about The University of Kansas Cancer Center.

Kay Hawes

Research/education/university-related media questions

Kay Hawes

Associate Director of News and Media Relations

The University of Kansas Medical Center

Jill Chadwick

Clinical/patient/hospital-related media inquiries

Jill Chadwick

Director of Media Relations and Medical News Network

The University of Kansas Health System

Christine Wilson

Website, social media, publications, video or other communications

Christine M. Thomas, JD

Senior Director of Public Relations, Communications and Strategic Partnerships

The University of Kansas Cancer Center

Latest news

The University of Kansas Cancer Center posts news releases and stories throughout the year on a variety of cancer-related topics. For additional information or to schedule interviews, please contact the appropriate media relations representative listed above.

NCI Comprehensive Designation

Click here to view and download our NCI Comprehensive Media Kit.


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