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Becoming Our Patient
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Your Cancer Journey Begins with a Second Opinion

After receiving a diagnosis of cancer, you probably have a lot of questions.

  • What is the best treatment plan for me? Will I need chemotherapy, radiation or surgery?
  • What if treatment doesn’t work? Can I be in a clinical trial?
  • Am I doing everything I can for my condition?

While the thought of getting a second opinion for your cancer diagnosis can seem overwhelming and disruptive to getting your treatment underway, the truth is a second opinion doesn’t interrupt your cancer journey – it begins it.

At The University of Kansas Cancer Center, the region’s only National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, we know the value of getting a second opinion on a cancer diagnosis.

With a second opinion on a cancer diagnosis, you and your family can ask questions and explore your options. A cancer second opinion can ensure you get the correct diagnosis and the best treatment for your type of cancer. In fact, research shows getting a second opinion at an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center can result in a change in diagnosis and in treatment plan. On top of that, patients treated at NCI-designated cancer centers have a 25% better chance of survival.

Let us help you navigate your cancer journey. Connect with one of our nurse navigators at 913-588-1227 or 844-323-1227 to schedule your cancer second opinion.

Second opinions offer reassurance

Getting a second opinion on a cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean you think the first diagnosis is wrong or that you doubt your doctor. In some cases, a second opinion could confirm a diagnosis and/or prevent unnecessary treatment or surgery.

The more minds that collaborate on your cancer, the more peace of mind for you and your family. So we make getting a second opinion as easy for you as we can. Our nurse navigators coordinate everything and make sure you get a consultation as soon as possible – we know how quickly you want and deserve answers.

Our team approach

Because The University of Kansas Cancer Center is an academic medical center, you'll benefit from the expertise of an entire team of cancer specialists. Our cancer physicians meet weekly to discuss individual cases, review treatments and share opinions. Medical, surgical and radiation oncologists from different specialties review specific cases, including second opinions.

Scheduling your appointment

To schedule your second opinion appointment, call 913-588-1227 or toll-free at 844-323-1227. Our health resource specialists will ask you for your:

  • Contact information (name, address and phone number)
  • Date of birth
  • Primary care physician's name
  • Diagnosis
  • Previous diagnostic testing and treatment
  • Medical insurance and ID number

It may help to know that second opinions are covered by Medicare and most major insurance plans.

A nurse navigator will call you

Within 24 business hours, a nurse will contact you to schedule your appointment at one of our cancer center locations. You will see a cancer specialist appropriate for your condition.

Appointments are scheduled Monday-Friday.

We will strive to meet your needs. Please tell us if you’ve been advised to have surgery so we can schedule your appointment for the earliest date possible.

At your appointment

Our cancer specialists will review your records and examine you. After the exam, the cancer specialists will discuss your options, make recommendations for your care and answer any questions you have about your condition and diagnosis.

Prompt communication

Once you have received your second opinion, we will communicate promptly with your primary care physician and your current care team. This ensures that everyone involved in your care is informed and working together to make the best possible decisions about your care.

Your first choice for a second opinion.

Connect with a nurse navigator at 913-588-1227 or 844-323-1227. We are also happy to provide you with travel and lodging information.

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