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Outreach and Community Initiatives

Representatives of Juntos Center.

Members of The University of Kansas Cancer Center engage with local communities every day. These partnerships guide our research priorities, ensuring efforts are culturally appropriate and impactful in the catchment area we serve.

Community outreach and engagement efforts include:

  • Increasing awareness and improving access to top-quality cancer care
  • Providing community-based screening programs
  • Involving patient research advocates
  • Broadening participation in clinical trials
  • Partnering with local organizations and community providers
  • Advocating for public policy changes to ease cancer’s burden
  • Supporting healthy lifestyle decisions to reduce cancer risk

We work with communities and individuals, particularly those who suffer disproportionately from cancer, across every element of the cancer continuum.

2019 PIVOT members.

Patient research advocacy

Patient research advocates help ensure our research is centered on the patient.

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Clinical trials give you an opportunity to try new therapies that might not otherwise be available. Search our clinical trials.

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