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Cancer Types and Treatments

Navigating the road through cancer treatment can be overwhelming. At The University of Kansas Cancer Center, we’re here to guide you each step of the way. Our multidisciplinary team of oncologists, cancer surgeons and other care team members will work with you to develop a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan.

The University of Kansas Cancer Center offers more options and more hope. While we treat all forms of cancer, most doctors often focus on just one type. This disease-specific approach allows us to expand our knowledge of innovative treatments and clinical trials for your individual kind of cancer.

The care we provide is not “one size fits all,” but personalized to the precise molecular details of your particular type of tumor. We tailor our treatment to meet your specific needs. Several factors play a role in your treatment, including the type of cancer, stage, location and molecular makeup of your tumor, along with your age and overall health. Cancer treatment also varies depending on whether the goal of your treatment is to cure the cancer, keep it from spreading or relieve the symptoms it causes.

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