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Support Services

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We understand that a cancer diagnosis affects every aspect of your life. Our support services team is here to walk with you through every step of your journey, from diagnosis through recovery. Our experts work with your physicians and nurses to ensure your mind, body and spirit remain as strong as possible. This can have a positive effect on your well-being before, during and after your treatment.

Our support services staff includes social workers, psychologists, dietitians, a chaplain, a physiatrist (specialist in cancer rehabilitation), nurse navigators, financial counselors and a resource center coordinator along with other specialists to support the specific needs of you and your loved ones. This team helps identify challenges you and your caregivers may face and provides tools to manage them, whether they are physical, nutritional, spiritual, social or psychological.

Educational resources

Each cancer center care team provides educational resources on cancer types, treatments, clinical trials and other related issues. The Brandmeyer Patient Resource Center, at our Westwood campus, has oncology nurses who can help you find the resources you need.

Emotional support

Our licensed psychologists will help you adjust to changes that accompany a cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. These compassionate experts provide therapy to address the anxiety, disappointment and frustration that affect you and your family and other caregivers.

Services include:

  • Individual and family therapy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Cognitive assessments

Exercising after cancer

Your cancer team will work with you to create a safe and appropriate exercise plan that focuses on functional movement. This type of plan can build muscle strength and ease side effects such as fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Financial counseling

Our financial counselors are happy to work with you to review your insurance benefits and deductibles. They help identify potential financial challenges related to your care and can assist with payment plans, coinsurance, copays and free medication. They are also available to you to help answer any billing questions you may have.

Genetic counseling

Understanding your risk factors for cancer allows you to make the most informed decisions about your healthcare. Genetic counseling can help determine your risk for different types of cancer. Genetic testing provides information about your risk factors for specific hereditary types of cancer, including breast, colon, ovarian, prostate and uterine. To make a genetic counseling appointment, call 913-588-5568.

Nurse navigation

Nurse navigators who are trained in your particular type of cancer work with you and your family members during every step. From the first phone call throughout survivorship, nurse navigators compassionately guide patients through appointments, gather medical records and orders for tests and schedule treatments. They are available to answer questions and address your concerns through treatment and beyond. To speak with a nurse navigator, call 913-588-3671.

Nutritional support

Following cancer treatment, your body needs time to heal. Your nutritional support team is here to show you how to improve your diet and help your body rebuild. Dietitians offer individualized nutritional consulting to you and your caregivers with a focus on helping you achieve optimal nutrition. They also work closely with your cancer care team to keep you at your strongest.

Personal appearance services

Located inside the Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Care Pavilion at our Westwood Campus, Missys’ Boutique is an accredited appearance center dedicated to helping cancer patients overcome appearance obstacles with dignity and style. Services include bra and wig fittings. Products include breast forms, postsurgery bras and camisoles, as well as a wide assortment of clothing and accessories.

Rehabilitation services

Our rehabilitation experts focus on evaluating and treating the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and functional complications that some patients develop as a result of cancer and cancer treatments. They will help you maintain and improve your functional abilities, alleviate pain, minimize fatigue and improve your quality of life.

Social work

The routine of life goes on, even after a cancer diagnosis. The demands of family and friends, stress from work and financial pressures only add to your concerns while you adjust to the significant changes in your life. Our social workers will meet with you to evaluate your needs and connect you with resources. They act as an advocate for you, providing information about lodging, transportation, home care services, financial concerns and medication assistance programs. They can also help you with applications for Social Security Disability and Medicaid and refer you to community resources that offer classes and programs.

Spiritual support

Our spiritual care team is available to every patient, family and visitor. All team members are ordained ministers and offer prayer, pastoral counseling and worship services. To speak with a spiritual care team member, talk with your care team or call 913-945-7849.

Support groups and wellness programs

The University of Kansas Cancer Center hosts a number of support groups for those whose lives are touched by cancer. In groups like these, you are able to share your experiences with people who are facing the same issues. Members of our cancer care team who lead these groups also offer educational information about your disease, treatments and side effects.

Surviving cancer begins at the moment of diagnosis and continues through treatment and beyond. Care doesn’t stop just because treatment ends. We’re here to help you navigate the twists and turns you may face during your entire journey as a cancer survivor. To learn more about support services we provide, call 913-588-1227.

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