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Becoming Our Patient

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When you request your first appointment at The University of Kansas Cancer Center, our nurse navigators schedule you as soon as possible. We understand a cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling overwhelmed and we want to help minimize your anxiety.

You may make an appointment yourself by speaking with one of our nurse navigators or your doctor can refer you. We have more than 30 disease-specific nurse navigators to guide you from initial diagnosis until your treatment plan is established. If you make your own appointment, be prepared to provide your health insurance information and the name, address and phone number of your primary care doctor or the doctor who referred you.

Preparing for your first visit

Each of our newly diagnosed patients receives a personalized appointment guide. The guide has information about the cancer center and includes photos of our medical team, driving and parking instructions and resources for you and your family.

After your appointment is scheduled, a nurse navigator or intake scheduler will help you collect the required information, including any medical records, for your visit. We also help you gather any necessary test results, X-rays and pathology slides from healthcare providers outside of the The University of Kansas Health System.

For your first visit, we ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete any additional forms we may need. You can save time by downloading, completing and bringing the appropriate medical form, depending on whether you have had a blood and marrow transplant or not:

What to expect

A medical assistant will weigh you and take your blood pressure, pulse and temperature. You and the healthcare technician will review your reason for the visit, any symptoms you have and your medications. The medical assistant will record this information in our electronic medical record.

Our electronic medical record provides a fully computerized way to monitor your care, including your physician’s exam notes, results of tests and procedures and medications.

You and your medical oncologist will then meet and discuss your symptoms and concerns. After conducting a physical exam, the oncologist may recommend additional tests, treatments and any available alternatives.

If additional testing is recommended, most procedures can be performed the same day of your visit, or within 1-2 days. If we are conducting a clinical trial that may benefit you, your oncologist may discuss it with you.

After your visit, your oncologist will communicate with your primary care physician and any other healthcare provider who is involved in your care. The oncologist or nurse will contact you about the results of any tests that we perform.

If you need treatments, your nurse will schedule them, review any medications in detail and answer your questions.

What to bring to your appointment

  • Bring someone with you who can listen and take notes. It’s hard to remember everything your cancer team tells you. Having someone with you helps ensure you don’t overlook or forget anything. Prepare a list of questions before each visit. If you’re not sure where to start, you can download a list of questions related to your type of cancer.
  • Personal identification (current driver’s license, state ID or an envelope showing your present permanent address)
  • Personal information, including change of address, telephone number, employment, marital status or insurance
  • List of current medications, including any over-the-counter medications
  • Medical insurance cards
  • Insurance referral from your primary care physician (if your insurance company requires one).Your physician’s office may fax it to 913-945-5626. For pediatric patients, fax to 913-588-6344.
  • Medical history questionnaire or BMT medical history questionnaire
  • At your first visit, you’ll receive a cancer journey notebook. Bring it with you every time you visit. Use it to keep track of appointments, pathology reports and scans, and important numbers and insurance billing information.

Your intake scheduler will help you gather other necessary information needed for your first appointment.

As directed by your intake scheduler, you may need to obtain X-rays and pathology slides from healthcare providers outside The University of Kansas Health System. We will help you collect these items but you may be required to authorize the release of some information.

Requesting medical records

You will need to complete the following form so that we can request copies of your medical records for review from another medical provider:

Your referring physician may fax this information to us at 913-588-7799. Or mail it to:

The University of Kansas Cancer Center
Navigation and Intake Department
2650 Shawnee Mission Pkwy.
Westwood, KS 66205

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