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Survivorship and Hope

Surviving Cancer

Surviving cancer begins at the moment of diagnosis and continues through diagnosis and beyond. Although patients come to us from different places, they have one goal in common: beating cancer. To help them, every member of our staff works hard to deliver the best outcomes and the highest quality care.

And the care doesn’t stop once you’ve cleared your first hurdle. We’re here to help you navigate the twists and turns you’ll face during your entire journey as a cancer survivor.

Cancer survivorship

Our staff makes sure patients have what they need to cope with their lives as cancer survivors. This includes:

  • A written summary of care
  • Education about diagnosis and staging
  • A schedule of follow-up visits, based on national standards
  • Education and tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Legal rights affecting employment and insurance
  • A description of the availability of psychological and support services
  • A LiveStrong survivorship notebook
  • Genetic risk evaluation and testing, offered by our GREAT program
  • Screening for late side effects of cancer and treatment
  • Management of long-term side effects following treatment

Patients, families and caregivers can also attend a free, monthly support group organized by the Brandmeyer Patient Resource Center. Members share personal experiences and knowledge about cancer with others who have had similar experiences. The center provides information on support groups sponsored by community organizations.

Breast cancer survivors have access to additional resources through our breast cancer survivorship services. Here, cancer survivors may use:

  • Cardio-oncology services
  • Genetic counseling and testing
  • Fertility preservation
  • Energy balance
  • Nutrition clinic
  • Routine care clinic

We also provide comprehensive resources and support for patients of our blood and marrow transplant and cellular therapeutics program. Our BMT survivorship care focuses on your long-term physical, emotional and social health.

Start your path today.

Your journey to health starts here. Call 913-588-1227 or request an appointment at The University of Kansas Cancer Center.

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