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Patient Stories

Our best measure of success is the health of our patients. On this page, you'll find stories of inspiration and hope from some of our cancer survivors.

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Patient Story

Woman with Metastatic Breast Cancer Fights with Newest Therapy

Dawn Wheeler was an active 50-year-old going about her day when she received a text from her older sister. “She texted because she didn’t think she’d be able to get through a phone call, but she wanted to let me know she’d just been diagnosed with breast cancer

Patient Story

Breast Cancer Survivor Says Women Must Ask Questions, Advocate for Themselves

Angela Garrison was in the best shape of her life. And although she wasn’t worried, Angela always had regular recommended cancer screenings, including an annual mammogram, and got a clean bill of health. Despite going to the same imaging center for years and having not 1 but 2 mammograms earlier that year, Angela learned in November 2020 that she had stage lll breast cancer.

Patient Story

For Lisa Webb, Life Goes on Even During Proton Therapy Treatments

Lisa Webb is praying that a pencil-thin beam of light will stop the stealthy tumor that is stealing her sight. In May, Lisa was among the first patients to receive proton treatment at The University of Kansas Cancer Center’s Proton Therapy Center. P...

Patient Story

IORT Offers One-and-Done Treatment for Select Cancer Patients

For decades many cancer patients’ typical treatment involved the trifecta of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. But cancer care is evolving, and recent innovations are allowing for easier and faster treatment regimens. A prime example is now avail...

Patient Story

Multiple Myeloma Patient Treated with CAR T-cell Therapy

Bill Coppinger didn’t want to make history. He just wanted to play with his grandchildren. But becoming the world’s first person to receive Abecma®, a new treatment for multiple myeloma, makes Bill both historic and a happy grandfather. Diagnosed wi...

Patient Story

Ewing Sarcoma Patient Longs To Be a Kid

During the 2017 football season, Matthew Arndt told his mom about the problem. What was believed to be childhood growing pains soon turned into a diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma, a rare cancer that grows in the bones or soft tissue surrounding bones.

Patient Story

Taking Breast Cancer in Stride

Cynthia Garner, 62, exudes positivity. She's a power walker who eats right and has never smoked. That’s why yearly mammograms did not intimidate her. After more than 20 years of normal scans, she expected the same in late 2018.

Patient Story

CAR T-Cell Therapy Helps Lymphoma Survivor Beat Cancer Again

In her decades serving and advocating for Latinos and other communities of color in the Kansas City area, CiCi Rojas has worked tirelessly. She has held roles as CEO and president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City, vice presi...

Patient Story

A Curious Course to an Esophageal Cancer Diagnosis

Josh Mullin expected to mark his 40th birthday with the typical trappings: a few friends, cake, a celebratory drink. Instead, he began his 41st year with the worst birthday present anyone can get: a cancer diagnosis. Josh jokes about it now, cancer-f...

Patient Story

Living in Abundance After Breast Cancer

It was 3 a.m., and Angela Grojean couldn’t sleep. As she lay in the darkness of her bedroom, a thought popped into her head, seemingly from nowhere. “For some reason, I just thought, ‘I haven’t done a breast self-exam for a long time. Maybe I should...

Patient Story

Metastatic Colon Cancer Patient Saved by Aggressive Treatment

Laura Perez, 20, is a gentle soul with a special connection to animals. This spring, she found an injured fawn on the side of the road near her home in Kansas City, Kansas. She nursed it back to health, and now the young doe, named Petunia, frolics w...

Patient Story

Doubling Down on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

At age 40, Wendy Denham began annual breast cancer screenings. She had 2 important reasons: a family history of breast cancer and a personal history of dense breast tissue. Dense breast tissue not only increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer, it al...

Patient Story

Peace Crane Symbolizes a Turning Point for Breast Cancer Survivor

According to Japanese lore, cranes signify good health and longevity by living 1,000 years. The legend is that anyone who folds 1,000 paper cranes will be granted one wish. This tradition is what first led architect-turned-artist Denise DiPiazzo to T...

Patient Story

Leukemia Diagnosis During Pregnancy

Tytan Mayer just might be a hero. Still shy of his first birthday, he has big blue eyes and a cuddly body that may seem more sweet and gentle than strong. But his family knows Tytan helped save his mother’s life before he was even born. In December 2...

Patient Story

Doctor Becomes a Breast Cancer Survivor

Jane Broxterman, MD, is an internal medicine physician at The University of Kansas Health System. About half of her patients are breast cancer survivors and women living with metastatic cancer. She has encouraged women through their darkest hours wit...

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