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Graduate Education

Jewell Summer Research Training Program

The University of Kansas Cancer Center's Jewell Summer Research Training Program offers college, undergraduate and medical students hands-on, mentor-guided research opportunities and equips participants with the skills needed for successful careers in science, medicine and other cancer-related fields.

Student Application

To apply, complete the REDCap survey here

Program Details

Students selected for the program will have the chance to immerse themselves in projects aimed at tackling the complexities of cancer. For mentors, this program offers a platform to nurture and guide the next generation of researchers.


Pay: Approximately $3,000-4,500 each for a minimum of 4 students (based on hours worked)

Time Frame: Project will span for 8 weeks, from June 3 to July 26, 2024


Application process for students:

Must be a current college undergrad, graduate or medical student. If you are look for a KU Cancer Center mentor to sponsor you for the summer, view our full list of researchers here

  • Submission: Applications should be completed via the above Student RedCap survey link.
  • Materials required:
    • GPA in science coursework
    • Details of laboratory training completed
    • Career interests and statement of goals
    • 1-3 letters of recommendation from mentors, science instructors, etc. Letters may be loaded into the RedCap survey portal or emailed to Susan Harp at


Application process for mentors:

  • Submission: Mentors must complete the project submission Mentor RedCap survey. Please note, this process will need to be repeated if you are sponsoring more than one student or project. 
  • Requirements:
  • Must be a current KU Cancer Center member.
    • Must submit a research project for consideration 

Deadlines: Both student applications and mentor research projects are due Monday, March 18, 2024. Mentors and students will be notified of awards by Friday, March 29, 2024.

Susan Harp, Senior Director Grant Development and Research Resources

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