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Faculty Development

Seminars and Symposia

The University of Kansas Cancer Center provides an ongoing program of educational seminars and symposia, with the aim of bringing together physicians, nurses, scientists and caregivers to discuss the latest advances in cancer research.

Oncology-specific education programs focus on current and emerging basic and translational research findings and standards of care and treatment options with the goal of improving patient outcomes. Seminars and symposia feature both internal and external experts who are leading advancements in the field through research and academia. Oncology-focused seminars focus on current and emerging basic and translational research findings and standards of care and treatment options with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

These ongoing learning opportunities support the cancer center’s mission of conquering cancer by providing high-quality medical education to physicians and scientists.

Select seminars and symposia include:

Annual Research Symposium

The cancer center hosts its Annual Research Symposium to foster a culture of cancer-centeredness, collegiality and collaboration. The event is an opportunity for senior leadership to update faculty and staff on plans and priorities for The University of Kansas Cancer Center and elicit member feedback. More than 200 researchers attend this symposium. 

Each fall the program includes oral presentations from external speakers invited by each of the research programs, internal speakers, including faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students and poster sessions. This provides additional platforms for basic, population, translational and clinical scientists, physicians, nurses, fellows, residents and students to interact, present and learn about the work going on at the cancer center and at other institutions across the U.S. Continuing medical education credits are offered.

Translational Oncology in Academia and Industry Symposium

Through the annual Translational Oncology in Academia and Industry Symposium, the cancer center’s early-phase clinical trials program aims to share scientific ideas and discuss opportunities to close the gap between basic science development and patient care. Speakers represent a broad spectrum of leading cancer investigators from basic scientists to physician-scientists from the cancer center, Children’s Mercy and the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, as well as innovators in industry involved in drug development, genetics, diagnostics and imaging.

Topics include epigenetics and metabolism, new methods in tumor modeling, novel clinical trial design and strategies, precision medicine, immunotherapy, targeted treatment, innovative diagnostics and modern imaging. This event is intended for medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, hematologists, pathologists, basic scientists, oncology nurses, other clinicians and industry colleagues in the region. The symposium is open to external attendees.

Cancer center members at a symposium.
Cancer center members at the Annual Research Symposium.

More continuing education opportunities

You can find additional information about available seminar and symposium programming by visiting the University of Kansas Medical Center website.

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