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Research Programs

Drug Discovery, Delivery and Experimental Therapeutics

It takes a community of researchers, physicians, patients and support staff to discover and develop new ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer. The University of Kansas Cancer Center’s Drug Discovery, Delivery and Experimental Therapeutics research program forms and drives project teams, co-led by principal investigators and experienced project managers, comprised of basic, translational and clinical scientists representing multiple disciplines. To bring promising new cancer treatments and diagnostics to patients, members of the D3ET research program collaborate with industry, academia, government and disease philanthropy partners.

Members of the D3ET research program focus on:

  1. Discovery and characterization of new agents targeting unique pathways discovered by cancer biology researchers
  2. Identification and validation of biomarkers critical to detecting and treating cancer
  3. Development of innovative approaches to improve delivery of cancer treatments
  4. Design and management of cancer experimental therapeutic trials

The research program is led by Dan Dixon, PhD, Priyanka Sharma, MD, John Taylor, MD, MS, and Scott Weir, PharmD, PhD. The program leverages unique scientific assets of the cancer center, its consortium partners and regional strengths in drug development to address the needs of cancer patients living in the cancer center’s catchment area, with the primary goal of improving patient survival and quality of life.

Bench to Bedside: Cancer Drugs - From the Lab to the Patient's Bedside

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