Cancer Prevention and Control

About 42% of cancer cases and 45% of cancer deaths in the U.S. are believed to be preventable. The University of Kansas Cancer Center’s Cancer Prevention and Control (CPC) research program seeks to identify new ways to prevent cancer and improve cancer outcomes, with a focus on high risk and underserved communities in KU Cancer Center’s catchment area. Its goals are to:

  • Detect molecular changes associated with cancer initiation and progression
  • Identify and develop biomarkers for early-phase prevention and survivorship trials
  • Test new strategies to reduce cancer incidence
  • Test interventions that may reduce late effects of cancer treatment
  • Identify better ways to reduce health disparities by bringing cancer control efforts into high risk and underserved communities, including American Indian, African American, Latino and rural communities
  • Identify new strategies to improve smoking cessation and enhance the delivery of effective smoking cessation services
  • Test implementation strategies for cancer control interventions in clinical and community settings


Edward EllerbeckEdward Ellerbeck, MD, MPH
Co-Leader, Cancer Prevention & Control
Christie Befort Christie Befort, PhD
Co-Leader, Cancer Prevention & Control

Nikki L. Nollen, Ph.D. Nikki L. Nollen, Ph.D.
Co-leader, Cancer Prevention & Control

Jennifer Klemp, Ph.D.
Co-leader, Cancer Prevention & Control

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Center for American Indian Community Health
Working with American Indians to reduce cancer-related disparities. 
Advancing cancer control in Latino communities.
Center for Excellence in Health Communication to Underserved Population
Center for Excellence in Health Communication to Underserved Populations
Addressing health disparities in Kansas and abroad via communication-driven research & service.

Rural Engagement in Primary Care for Optimizing Weight Reduction logo

Implementing obesity treatment care models in rural primary care settings
  Kansas Cancer Registry 
Monitoring Cancer Control.
Tobacco prevetion
Tobacco control 
Reducing the burden of tobacco-related cancers.
 Center for Children's Health Lifestyles & Nutrition logo Center for Children's Health, Lifestyles & Nutrition
Contributing new knowledge regarding pediatric obesity and nutrition ranging in scope from its biological origins to its societal impact.

 Sexual Health Empowerment logo Sexual Health Empowerment
Empowering individuals in jails by providing sexual health education and facilitating access to correctional and community resources

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