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Appointments in 24 Hours
Doctor meeting with patient.

Same-day, Next-day Appointments

Same-day, next-day appointments for newly diagnosed cancer patients

The University of Kansas Cancer Center offers people who are newly diagnosed with cancer the opportunity to see a disease-specific medical oncologist within 24 hours of contacting us.

Same-day, next-day appointments are for patients with a cancer diagnosis or a high probability of cancer. They provide an opportunity to sit down face-to-face with one of our nationally renowned cancer specialists to discuss treatment options and possibilities. The expedited appointments may also help allay anxiety that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

“Having a cancer center physician available to talk with patients within 24 hours of receiving a cancer diagnosis is tremendously reassuring for patients because we can offer expertise, care and support,” said Teri Banman, director of nurse navigation at the cancer center.

The University of Kansas Cancer Center is the region’s only National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center.

We are the only cancer center in the region that offers appointments within 24 hours with a disease-specific physician who specializes in the patient’s particular cancer.

Lessening anxiety

Every cancer patient’s experience may pose challenges, frustration and worry. By providing appointments with cancer specialists within 24 hours, we can take away some of the concern about whether patients receive quality care in a timely way.

During the initial visit, you'll learn about the specialty physicians you will likely see, such as a surgeon, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist, tests they will need, and how and when they will be scheduled.

Our cancer specialists can answer your questions, educate you about your diagnosis and ensure you have some understanding of how your care and treatment will unfold.

Patient-centered care

Being able to promote swift appointments for cancer patients has many benefits.

“Patients and referring physicians appreciate knowing we prioritize swift appointments whenever possible,” Banman says. “Most important, the offering reinforces our commitment to patient-centered care. It helps patients know The University of Kansas Cancer Center is committed to doing all we can to help them get access to the very best care as quickly as possible.

"Providing appointments within 24 hours allows us to relieve some of the anxiety associated with decision-making about cancer care and treatment – and that enhances the quality of care we provide.”

Appointments within 24 hours

Same-day, next-day appointments are for people with a cancer diagnosis or a high risk of cancer. Call 913-588-3671 for an appointment within 24 hours.

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