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Maintaining Sexual Health After Cancer With MonaLisa Touch®

October 07, 2019

An estimated 2.8 million U.S. breast cancer survivors, uterine cancer survivors and as many as 30 million menopausal and postmenopausal women may suffer from changes in their gynecologic health.

Women who have survived certain cancers, as well as women who are aging, frequently experience declining estrogen levels that dramatically change their gynecologic health.

But hope is available.

Gynecologic specialists at The University of Kansas Health System now offer a simple, convenient and drug-free solution – MonaLisa Touch® laser therapy. The gentle, safe laser therapy takes only 3 treatments of 5 minutes each, producing immediate and lasting results. The MonaLisa procedure is clinically shown to improve symptoms, often after just one treatment.

Nearly 3 million survivors of breast and uterine cancers may be suffering needlessly from changes in their gynecologic health.

Losing sense of self

Gynecologic health is just one of the many physical changes brought on by cancer. Often, women who go through cancer also experience psychological and emotional challenges as well.

Kimberly Vandegeest-Wallace, PhD, a clinical psychologist with the health system who specializes in sexual health, says cancer changes us.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of cancer you have, when our mortality is threatened and our sense of self is altered, we may experience personal difficulties,” she says. “When we are no longer sure who we are physically, spiritually and emotionally, our connections to others and our partners can be quite threatening.”

Dr. Vandegeest-Wallace helps patients work through these feelings to recognize their worth and recapture their sense of self.

“I often help people find their voice and hear their truth … because they are no longer lost despite the threat that is inherent with cancer,” she says.

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