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Become an Advocate for Cancer Education and Awareness

December 16, 2016

Whether you’re watching a Facebook Live interview or engaging with others dealing with cancer via Twitter, social media provides education and awareness of cancer prevention, groundbreaking research and proven cancer treatments.

That’s why The University of Kansas Cancer Center would like to grow its Facebook community. While we are fortunate to have a robust online audience, it is important that we continue to grow our community to share the latest information on cancer prevention, research breakthroughs and cutting-edge treatments, including clinical trials.

We need your help

If you don’t already, follow The University of Kansas Cancer Center Facebook page, as well as our other social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. We encourage you to like, share and comment to help amplify these important messages within your own communities. By providing patients with tools and support via social media, the more empowered and engaged they are in their own healthcare.

Help us make a difference in the health and wellness of our community and beyond.

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