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Pilot Project Award Winners Announced

May 22, 2017

The University of Kansas Cancer Center is pleased to announce the winners of our recent KUCC Pilot Project awards for Spring 2017. Five awards will be presented to the following individuals. 

$35,000 Awards

Joan Lewis-Wambi, PhD, Cancer Biology, Pilot Project Award Winner, Spring 2017Joan Lewis-Wambi, PhD, Cancer Biology
“Targeting IFITM1 in Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) using Phenotypic Drug Repurposing Screen”

Sufi Thomas, PhD, Otolarngology, Pilot Project Award Winner Spring 2017Sufi Thomas, PhD, Otolarngology
“Elucidating the Role of DCLK in Head and Neck Cancer”

Subhrajit Saha, PhD, Radiation Oncology, Pilot Project Award Winner Spring 2017Subhrajit Saha, PhD, Radiation Oncology
“Involvement of mitochondria in intestinal epithelial radio-sensitivity”

Mizuki Azuma, PhD, Molecular Biosciences, Pilot Project Award Winner Spring 2017.Mizuki Azuma, PhD, Molecular Biosciences
“Role of O-GlcNAcylation of Ewing sarcoma proteins in chromosomal instability” 




$26,626 Award
Michael Johnson, University of Kansas Medical Center, Pilot Project Award Winner Spring 2017Michael Johnson, PhD, Chemistry and Neurosciene
“Neurochemical Mechanisms of Chemobrain” 

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