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KU Cancer Center Receives Multiple Supplement Grants

September 18, 2018

The University of Kansas Cancer Center recently received six grants to supplement its active P30 Cancer Center Support Grant (also called CCSG). The supplement grants, totaling $825,000, support a variety of ongoing research efforts including tobacco cessation treatment capacity and infrastructure development for cancer patients, population health assessment support in cancer center catchment areas, and cancer control research capacity development in Kansas rural primary care networks.

Grant recipients include Joaquina Baranda, MD, early-phase program director of clinical research, Christie Befort, PhD, associate director of cancer prevention and control, and Cancer Control and Population Health research program members Babalola Faseru, MD, MPH, Allen Greiner, MD, MPH, and Kimber Richter, PhD, MPH.

“Since 2012 when we initially achieved NCI designation, the CCSG’s monetary support has increased by an incredible 133 percent,” said Roy Jensen, MD, KU Cancer Center director. “This growth is a testament to the exciting research and clinical endeavors going on here.”

About the Cancer Center Support Grant

The CCSG helps cancer centers improve how they are run and develop new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. To receive the award, one goal of the cancer center must be to turn clinical and basic research into improved healthcare. CCSG grants provide funding for formalized cancer research programs, shared research resources, scientific and administrative management, planning and evaluation activities, development of new scientific opportunities and centralized clinical trial oversight and functions.

Cancer centers earning the P30 CCSG award also receive NCI designation, which recognizes their achievement of these standards and enhances their ability to leverage additional resources for cancer research, education and care.

Joaquina Baranda  
Joaquina Baranda, MD,
Early-Phase Program Director of Clinical Research
Richter Kimber 
Kimber Richter, PhD, MPH,
Cancer Control and Population Health Research Program Member
Babalola Faseru 
Babalola Faseru, MD, MPH,
Cancer Control and Population Health Research Program Member

Allen Greiner 
Allen Greiner, MD, MPH,
Cancer Control and Population Health Research Program Member
Christie Befort 
Christie Befort, PhD, Associate Director of Cancer Prevention and Control, and Cancer Control

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