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PIVOT Member Named to Komen Advocates in Science Program

September 17, 2019

Kim Jones, a member of The University of Kansas Cancer Center’s Patient and Investigator Voices Organizing Together (PIVOT) program, has been named a Komen Advocate in Science (AIS). After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, Jones devoted herself to patient advocacy, founding an African-American breast cancer survivorship program in Kansas City. In 2016, she joined PIVOT, which gave her the opportunity work with cancer researchers to provide the patient perspective.

As a Komen Advocate in Science, Jones will participate in research projects exploring topics such as exercise for breast cancer prevention and treatment and managing the side effects than can occur in some patients when treated with immunotherapy.

“As a patient research advocate my goal is to be a liaison who provides information to help others in their journey in the fight against cancer,” Jones said. “Having the opportunity to be a part of the Susan G. Komen AIS program will further allow me to bridge the gap between science and community health care in the urban core.”

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