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Y-90 Radioembolization Now Offered in an Outpatient Setting

August 03, 2020

Kansas City, Kan. ― The University of Kansas Health System now offers radioembolization, also known as Y-90, as an outpatient procedure at The University of Kansas Hospital in Overland Park. Our fellowship-trained interventional radiologists specialize in this minimally invasive, image-guided treatment. We are the only hospital in the region to offer this in an outpatient setting.

Radioembolization is a minimally invasive cancer treatment that delivers radioactive particles to a tumor through the bloodstream. The particles embed in the tumor and emit radiation that kills cancer cells. The therapy, which is delivered internally, is more targeted than traditional radiation administered externally by machine.

Radioembolization is primarily used to treat liver cancer and liver metastases and is typically a single-cycle treatment given under sedation. Radioembolization is administered only to the artery supplying blood to the liver. Because it remains internal, side effects are minimized.

Zachary Collins, MD, chief of interventional radiology at The University of Kansas Health System, said patients benefit from the outpatient experience.

“By providing radioembolization in an outpatient setting, there is less overhead because fewer medical staff members are required to perform our procedures," Dr. Collins says. "From beginning to end, the patient experience is much improved. The entire experience is designed with patient comfort in mind.”

Interventional radiologists at the health system are fellowship-trained and board-certified by the American Board of Radiology and have earned a certificate of additional qualification. This means they have completed extensive, elective education and training in the field of interventional radiology.

Our interventional radiologists also participate in tumor board meetings at The University of Kansas Cancer Center. These regular conferences allow specialists from multiple disciplines to collaborate and discuss difficult cancer cases. This facilitates treatment planning and helps physicians determine therapies offering potentially better outcomes.

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