Dealing with a Cancer Diagnosis

Have Confidence in Your Diagnosis

Not all cancers are the same. And just as each cancer is different, so is each patient. 

You likely have a lot of questions. It helps to have access to definitive answers as you begin your cancer journey.

What Does a Diagnosis Mean?

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. With the support of family, friends and a dedicated cancer care team, you can feel more in control as you begin your journey.

A new diagnosis is also life-changing. It alters the course of your life, and can be scary. Involve friends, family and support people with you on the journey, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Learn what you’re facing, and educate yourself. Always feel free to ask your care team questions.

Beginning Your Cancer Journey

It helps to know what you’ll be facing. Learn what your diagnosis means, how advanced your cancer is, what treatment options are available, and find fellowship with other patients and cancer survivors in one of our cancer support groups.

Your cancer treatment will soon begin.

Our oncologists are leaders in diagnosing and treating many types of cancer. For every patient, we bring together specialists who work together as a team to give you the best possible diagnosis and treatment plan. These specialists meet weekly to discuss individual cases, review the treatment and share opinions.

From the recommendations of these specialists, you’ll have a personalized treatment plan that will address your cancer and any unique challenges you may face along the way.