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Telehealth Cancer Second Opinion

If you’ve just received a cancer diagnosis, you’re likely dealing with shock, disbelief and not sure what to do next. At The University of Kansas Cancer Center, we can help. We offer a telehealth cancer second opinion service that allows you to meet with a team of cancer experts, and you don’t even have to leave your home.

Online second opinion for cancer diagnosis

Through our telehealth cancer second opinion appointments, you receive a consult on your cancer diagnosis and treatment by virtually visiting with a team of specialists from the comfort of your own home. During such a critical decision-making time, it’s important to have more than one consult. Your telehealth cancer second opinion appointment will be with a team of treatment experts who focus solely on your type of cancer. At this time, we offer appointments for those diagnosed with breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer.

What happens during a telehealth cancer second opinion visit?

During a telehealth cancer second opinion visit, sometimes called a remote second opinion, you’ll meet with a team of multidisciplinary cancer specialists to confirm your initial diagnosis, ask questions and explore your treatment options. There is benefit gained from the experience and opinions of different surgical, medical and radiation oncology specialists. This helps ensure you get the correct diagnosis and the best treatment for your type of cancer.

Together, we review your medical records and proposed treatment plan to ensure your pathology diagnosis and staging are accurate. Doing so allows us to develop a personalized treatment plan for your best outcome. Additionally, we want to make sure that you are aware of clinical trials that could be integral to your treatment.

The emotion and shock of a cancer diagnosis can make it difficult to think of all the questions you want to ask. We recommend you schedule this appointment when a friend or family member can join you and assist by taking notes and asking questions during our discussion.

Telehealth cancer second opinion success story

Brad Duff, 45, of Overland Park, Kansas, had his wife, Brooke, by his side when he met with cancer center experts during a telehealth cancer second opinion appointment. Brad was diagnosed with colon cancer in mid-August at another area hospital.

He knew he wanted a second opinion, so he visited the cancer center’s website to learn more and provide information about his diagnosis. A disease-specific nurse navigator contacted him within 24 hours and scheduled his telehealth appointment with 3 colon cancer experts, a surgeon, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist.

“After receiving a cancer diagnosis, you want to take action and this service allowed us to do that. The cancer center made it so easy; I didn’t have to do anything,” Brad said. “They reached out and gathered all of my scans, my pathology report, everything I’d had done, from the other healthcare system.

“Our (telehealth) conversation was with the physicians who managed my care. Having my wife sitting next to me … she felt very at ease and confident after visiting with the physicians, who were frank and honest about my diagnosis and recommended treatment plan.”

Brad, who returned to work in late September, said he had an incredibly positive patient experience using the cancer center’s telehealth second opinion services.

“It’s about the patient/customer experience,” he said. “This (telehealth) customer experience is very responsive, moves quickly and all participants are very involved. The system works really well. I would recommend it to anyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

“It’s a great opportunity to sit down and hear from 3 different experts on the right way forward to attack your disease as a team. No matter where you are, whether in Wichita or western Kansas, in a 60-minute Zoom call you can have a plan on how your treatment will be handled.”

Scheduling your telehealth cancer second opinion

Use your computer, tablet or smartphone to communicate with our team of multidisciplinary providers about your cancer diagnosis and treatment options. The University of Kansas Cancer Center offers telehealth second opinion services to patients in Kansas, Missouri and beyond.

Schedule your telehealth cancer second opinion.

If you have questions about a cancer diagnosis, we have answers. Schedule your telehealth cancer second opinion appointment today. Call us at 913-588-1227.

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