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Former TV Journalist Confronts Lymphoma Diagnosis

Lymphoma patient Stan Cramer.

August 13, 2019

Former television journalist Stan Cramer is no stranger to confrontation. As the longtime reporter and producer of KCTV5’s popular “Call for Action” segment, Stan confronted many businesspeople about their questionable business dealings with local consumers.

So when Stan himself was confronted with difficult personal news, he tackled it head on. In 2001, he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. At 56 years old, he was still in the prime of his news career.

Before his diagnosis, Stan had experienced a noticeable weight loss – without attempting to lose weight – and a lump near his groin. After a biopsy confirmed his cancer diagnosis, Cramer met with oncologist Mark Davidner, MD.

Stan learned his cancer was “treatable but not curable,” he explains. “It wasn’t going to be a threat to my life at the time. However, Dr. Davidner told me it would likely reoccur.”

Medical imaging tests showed no additional tumors in Stan’s body, and a surgeon was able to remove the affected lymph node.

Together, Stan and Dr. Davidner made the decision to bypass chemotherapy. He continued to receive checkups with Dr. Davidner several times a year. Today, still in remission, Stan sees Dr. Davidner once a year.

Now at age 69, Stan operates Trust Stan, LLC, a consumer advocacy firm. The firm researches and endorses local companies that meet his stringent requirements for earning the Stan Cramer Seal of Approval. Yet long before he began offering his seal of approval to others, he had informally offered his approval of Dr. Davidner.

“Not only is he an expert, but he’s got the bedside manner most any patient would want in a physician,” Stan shares. “He takes his time with you and talks to you about your personal life, as well as your medical concerns. He cares about your entire life.”

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