Sarcoma Care Team

The University of Kansas Cancer Center brings together the region’s premier multidisciplinary sarcoma team to treat these uncommon and aggressive tumors and benign, soft-tissue diseases. Specialists from adult and pediatric medical, radiation and surgical oncology, pathology, orthopedics and cancer rehabilitation work together to provide the most accurate diagnosis and individualized treatment plans. Meet our team:


Surgical oncologist Joshua Mammen, MD, PhD, has dedicated more than 15 years to the treatment of sarcoma, melanoma, abdominal and primary peritoneal cancers, breast cancer and colorectal malignancy.


A specialist in radiation oncology, Vickie Massey, MD, focuses her clinical practice on cancers of the breast, lung, head and neck and genitourinary and gastrointestinal tracts.


A specialist in hematology and oncology, Benjamin Powers, MD, focuses his clinical practice on sarcoma treatment.

 Howard Rosenthal, MD, Sarcoma Center

Nationally renowned surgeon Howard G. Rosenthal, MD, leads the team with more than 20 years’ experience restoring health, function and quality of life to sarcoma patients. His expertise in orthopedic oncology and metabolic bone diseases is unmatched in the region. 

 Kyle Sweeney

A specialist in musculoskeletal oncology and reconstructive surgery, Kyle Sweeney, MD, focuses his clinical practice on sarcoma, bone cancer, benign bone tumors, benign soft tissue tumors and multiple myeloma.

 Kim Haynes, Sarcoma Center

Nurse practitioner Kim Haynes, RN, has dedicated more than 20 years to musculoskeletal oncology. Her focus is in patient education and care before treatment and during recovery.

 Terri Johnson RN

Terri Johnson, RN, CNC

 Tracy Slimmer, Sarcoma Center

Nurse coordinator Tracy Slimmer, RN, assists in patient care and education and is the liaison between the surgical and medical oncology teams. She also assists patients receiving chemotherapy.