Colorectal Cancer Overview

Early Detection Saves Lives

Colorectal cancer, also called colon or rectal cancer, is the third leading cause of death from cancer in the United States. It is the most common type of gastrointestinal cancer. It also is one of the most treatable when found in its early stages. Colorectal cancer occurs most often in people older than 50.

The American Cancer Society recommends a diet high in fruits and vegetables with limited high-fat foods to reduce your risk. Keeping a healthy weight through exercise and other activity is important, too.

After age 50, the most effective way to reduce your risk of colorectal cancer is to have regular screening tests.

The colorectal cancer specialists at The University of Kansas Cancer Center are leaders in the field. Working as a team, they will provide you with the latest advances in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and resources.

Turning Point: The Center for Hope and Healing

Turning Point: A Community Resource of The University of Kansas Health System Turning Point offers patients and their families support services and comprehensive programming to address the psychological, social, emotional and physical needs that accompany serious and chronic illnesses.

Why You Should Choose The University of Kansas Cancer Center

If you have colorectal cancer, you will find the leading specialists you need at The University of Kansas Cancer Center. Our interdisciplinary team of gastroenterologists, surgeons and oncologists have years of experience treating hundreds of patients with colorectal cancer.

Academic Approach
Because we are an academic center, we offer some of the region's most advanced cancer treatments. We are constantly finding new treatments to improve lives. Our team of board-certified gastroenterologists uses state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to improve patient outcomes and reduce side effects. We also use the latest findings in cancer research.

Our staff also are accustomed to working with community health care providers. In many cases, you can receive some of your treatment near your own home in coordination with the staff at The University of Kansas Cancer Center.

Care Coordination
Each person is unique, so we tailor your care to your personal needs. This means doctors, nurses and other staff work closely together to develop the treatment plan that best fits your needs. They discuss every patient’s treatment as a team to stay up to date on your care and progress.

Clinical Trials
We are part of many national clinical trials on cancer treatment. In fact, our doctors recently helped develop a new generation of chemotherapy drugs. These drugs treat specific aspects of colorectal cancer. They include:

  • -Targeted therapies that kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells
  • -Anti-angiogenesis drugs that prevent the formation of blood vessels that feed tumors

These can be used in combination with traditional chemotherapy and surgery, when necessary.
You may be able to take part in a clinical trial during your treatment.

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Clinical Trials

Medical research finds ways to help people live longer, improve their quality of life and manage or cure disease. This is possible because of the people who volunteer to participate in clinical trials.

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