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Breast Cancer Resources

At The University of Kansas Cancer Center, we provide a range of support programs, resources and survivorship care for those with breast cancer. These programs are designed to help you and your loved ones address issues that may arise as a result of your cancer and treatment.

We integrate survivorship into your overall care. We ensure you have access to survivorship services, such as fertility preservation, cardio-oncology and lymphedema and weight management. We want you to know how to address known health risks and side effects that may arise from certain breast cancer treatments.

All breast cancer patients receive a treatment summary. This allows you and your doctors to know what medications or therapies you received during your treatment. We also provide you with a personalized survivorship care plan, which outlines clear steps for monitoring and maintaining your health after treatment ends.

Surviving cancer is a lifelong process and regular appointments are an important part of follow-up care. We believe you should receive the same high-quality, personalized and comprehensive care in survivorship that you receive during cancer treatment.

Helpful breast cancer websites

  • Turning Point is a Kansas City-based program of The University of Kansas Health System. With an array of comprehensive programs, Turning Point educates and supports individuals, families and friends facing a wide variety of chronic physical illnesses, including breast cancer. These services are provided free of charge.


  • This site provides basic information about cancer as well as in-depth information about specific types of cancer, their risk factors, early detection, diagnosis and treatment options.

  • This site provides information about symptoms and diagnosis, treatment and side effects, day-to-day matters and lowering risk. In addition, it offers a blog and discussion boards. A professional advisory board reviews medical information on the site. A Spanish version of this site is available at

  • The National Cancer Institute website offers comprehensive cancer information from the United States government’s primary source for cancer research. The University of Kansas Cancer Center is an NCI-designated cancer center.

  • This international activist organization provides funds to further the breast cancer fight. Consult the section labeled “Understanding Breast Cancer” for a variety of resources.


  • The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) provides a detailed guide for breast cancer patients. This guide has more than 100 pages of information on initial diagnosis, stages, treatment, side effects, follow-up tests and questions to ask.

  • This educational and support organization provides teleconferences, a survivor’s help line and a selection of printed materials. The organization’s annual conferences include those for women with metastatic disease and for young women diagnosed with breast cancer.

  • This is primarily a website for story sharing, both from survivors and caregivers. This large collection of breast cancer stories can be searched by location, age, type of breast cancer, type of treatment, marital status and ethnic background. Privacy is maintained by using only first names and state or country.

  • FORCE provides information and support for women who are at high risk or affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. FORCE has a newsletter and hosts an annual conference.

  • The Young Survival Coalition is a network of breast cancer survivors, supporters and advocates that focuses on the issues that concern women with a premenopausal diagnosis.

  • The HER2 Support Group website contains extensive general breast cancer information as well as focused HER2 topics. It also offers very active message boards.

  • This organization aims to raise awareness and support research for triple-negative breast cancer patients.

  • This advocacy network is dedicated to the unique concerns of women and men living with metastatic breast cancer. The network’s website includes a message board and selected resources.

  • This website provides a place to learn about brain metastasis from a patient perspective. It includes personal stories, interviews with doctors and information on clinical trials.

  • This is the website of the National Breast Cancer Coalition. This advocacy group seeks to influence public policies surrounding breast cancer research, diagnosis and treatment. The National Breast Cancer Coalition takes stands on controversial issues.

  • This website is designed to help you easily find a breast cancer clinical trial. You can enter your health history and learn about trials that match your history. Alternatively, by going to the Quick Views section, you can browse trials by selecting a specific category. This feature may be particularly helpful for triple-negative and inflammatory breast cancer patients since there is a subcategory for each of these types of breast cancer. The website includes all trials listed in and as well as some additional trials. It can also provide email alerts when new trials fit your profile.

  • This website provides information about dense breast tissue and how it can affect a mammogram’s ability to detect breast cancer. It also provides information on legislation requiring healthcare providers to inform patients when they have dense breasts.

The University of Kansas Cancer Center does not assume responsibility for any of the information posted on these sites.

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Treating cancer with more than medicine

Our approach to cancer care includes support services for the mind, body and spirit. Research shows this approach provides better outcomes.

Whole person care

Find a clinical trial.

Clinical trials give you an opportunity to try new therapies that might not otherwise be available. Search our clinical trials.

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