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Childhood Cancers

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We provide unique care and support for pediatric, teen and young adult cancer patients. We also treat adult survivors of childhood cancer, providing a continuum of care for pediatric and teen patients as they become adults. Follow-up care is an important aspect of our long-term commitment to adult survivors of childhood cancer.

Teens and young adults may need care from both pediatric and adult medical oncologists. Both have access to the latest diagnostic and treatment options. Our specialists are often located across the hall instead of across town, so the pediatric and adult oncologists can collaborate easily to provide the highest level of care possible.

Childhood cancers care overview

Our pediatric hematology and oncology team provides effective and compassionate care for childhood cancers and blood disorders. As leaders in their fields, our doctors are experts in treating all types of childhood cancers, including the rarest.

It’s hard for children to deal with a chronic, life-threatening or life-limiting illness like childhood cancer. It isn’t easy for their families and friends, either. That’s why we launched KU Kids Healing Place. The program starts at the time of diagnosis to address your family’s long-term educational, social, psychological, spiritual and financial needs.

Through our Connected Kansas Kids talks, children can be the experts as they discuss their disease and treatment. Teachers, classmates, friends, family and neighbors are invited to these presentations, which can be delivered in a variety of formats. Everyone can ask questions and share information with a cancer specialist. The talks take the mystery out of your child’s disease while teaching people about your child’s experience.

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Why choose us for childhood cancers care

The University of Kansas Cancer Center offers hands-on, highly personalized care and tailors each treatment to the particular needs of the individual child. You will see the same doctors and nurses, who intimately know you and know your case.

We continue to follow and treat our patients even into young adulthood. Today’s cure rates for pediatric cancer are about 80%, and our team understands the long-term side effects so we’re best able to care for teens, young adults and adults who have had childhood cancer treatments.

We don’t put an age limit on our care, so we treat many young adults and teens with pediatric tumors. We also treat every type of pediatric cancer and we’re happy to provide second opinions.

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Support for kids and families

KU Kids Healing Place provides the next step in care for youngsters with chronic or life-limiting diagnoses.

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