The Sarcoma Learning Collaborative

Expanding the model

By applying the model of The Learning Collaborative, IAMI also participates in the Sarcoma Learning Collaborative with NCATS and Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics of Kansas City, Mo. The SLC is focused on discovering and developing new treatments for sarcomas affecting children, adolescents and adults.

Fighting disease

KU’s drug development and delivery experts work with clinical pharmacologists and pediatric sarcoma specialists at Children’s Mercy Hospital. The KU Cancer Center also contributes researchers with a rich history of work in sarcomas. NCATS can assist by testing sarcoma cells against more than 3,000 different already-approved drugs to discover new possibilities for treatment.

By expanding into a second cooperative research and development agreement, IAMI and the KU Cancer Center are contributing to another important collaboration that helps researchers bridge “the valley of death” when developing new drugs and treatments, especially for rare and neglected diseases. 

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