Leading Treatment for Blood Cancers and Disorders

Never be afraid to seek a second opinion.

A cancer diagnosis is frightening and overwhelming. We are here to help. Whether we’re your first call, your second or your 10th, our team is ready to support you in understanding your condition and the treatment options available. At The University of Kansas Cancer Center in Kansas City, a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer center, our only priority is you.

We always support our patients in obtaining second opinions. We believe they’re an important resource to you in beginning your cancer care journey. Seeking a second opinion doesn’t mean you doubt the first one. It is simply a means to build your knowledge and explore your options so you can choose a care team and plan with confidence and peace of mind.

Real patients. Real successes.

As you research the best approach for you in treating blood cancers and disorders, you may find value in the experiences of others. We invite you to learn from these patients and their positive outcomes.

  • Rebecca Hertzog Burns was just 20 when she was diagnosed with leukemia. A cord blood transplant gave her a new lease on life.
  • Heloise Gray was just about to enter well-earned retirement when she discovered she had leukemia. A stem-cell match couldn’t be found, but a clinical trial provided her cure.
  • Roy Coe battled leukemia and fought off the disease with the help of a selfless donor. Already immeasurably thankful for the gift of life, Roy received a bonus when he eventually learned his donor’s identity.
  • Desiree Ramirez faced a lifetime of hospitalizations and limitations – until she became the first Kansas adult to receive a stem cell transplant to cure sickle cell disease.

Why choose The University of Kansas Cancer Center?

Complex care for aggressive blood cancers and disorders requires advanced expertise. Here, you will find experienced, board-certified physicians who know how to help you achieve the best possible outcome. As an academic medical center and a National Cancer Institute designated cancer center, we offer the latest techniques and treatments to fight cancer and reduce side effects. To date, our blood and marrow transplant and cellular therapeutics team has performed more than 3,400 stem cell transplants.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with community health providers. Together, we can keep as much of patients’ blood cancer and disorder care close to home as possible, yet ensure that specialty experience and resources are readily available. It is our goal to deliver both quality and convenience.

We provide customized, coordinated care. Every patient is unique, with unique circumstances and unique goals. Our doctors, nurses and other staff collaborate closely to develop the treatment plan that best suits your needs and communicate frequently to remain up to date on your care and progress.

Our academic culture and NCI designation together earn our organization the opportunity to participate in clinical trials often not available elsewhere in the region. This provides patients with access to the latest clinical trials that offer hope and may lead to cures.

To make an appointment or receive a second opinion, call 913-588-1227.

Rising to the challenge

Anne Holzbeierlein was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and needed a bone marrow transplant. She enrolled in a clinical trial, and received a half match transplant from her son. Two years later, she credits the power of research for her remission.

To learn more about clinical trials, call 913-945-7552 or visit kucancercenter.org/clinicaltrials