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It’s been an incredible 20 years to NCI comprehensive designation. Here’s what five leaders see for the bright future of The University of Kansas Cancer Center.

Andrew Godwin, PhD

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Personalized healthcare strives to deliver the best care possible to every patient and remains a goal of our cancer center. In practice, however, achieving widespread access to the latest cancer care requires innovative approaches to accurately diagnose and effectively treat patients. Through the Kansas Institute for Precision Medicine and the Clinical Molecular Oncology Laboratory, we are defining the essential molecular and clinical information about a person’s tumor needed to help them make more informed treatment decisions. Andrew Godwin, PhD

Deputy Director, The University of Kansas Cancer Center, Founder, Kansas Institute for Precision Medicine and Clinical Molecular Oncology Laboratory

Kimber Richter, MD, MPH

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Now that we’re an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center, it’s time to double down on helping organizations and communities prevent cancer. Together we can help people quit smoking, use sun protection, move more, maintain a healthy weight, get vaccinated against cancer (HPV and hepatitis B), practice safer sex and limit alcohol intake. Kimber Richter, MD, MDH

Professor, Department of Population Health

Weijing Sun, MD

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A main task of academic physicians and clinical scientists is to advance the most advanced scientific discoveries and developments to our patients. We have the best and brightest researchers. Targeted therapies, immune-based therapies, cancer vaccines and so much more … we will continue to bring bold and promising research into the clinic. Wejing Sun, MD

Director, Division of Medical Oncology, Associate Director for Clinical Research, The University of Kansas Cancer Center

Tonia Yelder

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Patient and Investigator Voices Organizing Together (PIVOT), the cancer center’s patient research advocacy group, has grown a lot since 2016. We want to continue that growth and engage in even more research. We also want to grow our team to include more advocates from rural communities, representative of our catchment area. Representing all voices is an important part of PIVOT’s mission. Tonia Yelder

Patient and Community Engagement Manager

Lisa Harlan-Williams, PhD

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With NCI comprehensive designation comes new opportunities. We have been challenged to increase our National Cancer Institute funding, develop large team grants, expand education and training opportunities, and boost our efforts to increase the diversity of our oncology workforce. I particularly look forward to engaging with more young and early career trainees to support their career development. Lisa Harlan-Williams, PhD

Assistant Director for Administration and Education, Director, Accelerate Cancer Education program

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